National Day


National Day

Today is a special day, China’s National Day. The People’s Republic of China has celebrated its 71st anniversary. During these 71 years, China has undergone earth-shaking changes.

This year is a special year. Because of the impact of the new crown virus, we were all isolated at home at the beginning of the traditional Chinese New Year. We believe that the Chinese government can lead everyone to defeat the new crown virus.

Since April, we have resumed normal life and work, and now the production and sales of zinc oxide powder are normal.

Because this year’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are on the same day, we have an eight-day holiday, which is great.

But please don’t worry about foreign customers. Even during the eight-day holiday, our factories and workshops have always been on duty, and there is plenty of zinc oxide powder in the warehouse. Your emails and phone calls will be handled in a timely manner.