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Powder Coating for Motor

The Powder Coating for Motor is composed of carboxyl polyester resin, pigments and fillers, additives and curing agent. Outdoor powder coating has super weather resistance and UV resistance; The paint film has good mechanical properties, high hardness, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance; Good leveling property, and the film is basically free of pinhole, shrinkage and other defects; It has the advantages of many colors and varieties, and can be prepared with matte, shiny, pattern, hammer pattern, etc.

Milestone Chemical co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of Powder Coating for Motor. MST has been focusing on the production and sale of chemical products for more than 30 years.Powder Coating for Motor have been sold to many countries in the world, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Japan, South Korea, India and so on.

If you want to know more about Powder Coating for Motor, Warmly welcome you to visit our company and discuss cooperation.

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Powder Coating for Motor is available in our factory. As the manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer advanced Powder Coating for Motor in high quality for wholesalers. If you want to buy, contact us for price list and we will send you quotation.